Body Balance Your Liquid Nutrition

Natural vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes – all are required to insure high energy levels and vital, good health. Without a plentiful balance of these things, premature aging, listlessness, cellular damage, improper organic function and generally poor health, both physical and mental, can afflict us. This lack of balance must be recognized buy codeine uk, avoided and treated if we are to live long lives with vitality and confidence.

Increasingly, as the Earth’s soil has become more and more depleted of the nutrients our bodies need, our regular diets are falling behind our nutritional needs; to bridge this gap we have turned to the pristine oceans of the world. Unaffected by herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and heavy-metal contamination, vegetation harvested from the seas is an abundant source of vitamins and minerals in their most unadulterated form, and have become the source of choice for the most widely sought-after and effective dietary supplements.

As important as the ingestion of these vital nutrients is, it is also important that the body is able to access them – put them to use – without going through the normal digestive process; this is where sea vegetables excel. Over the course of millions of years, essential vitamins and minerals in our soil have been washed into the oceans of the world. There, sea vegetation re-absorbs these nutrients during the process of converting sunlight to energy, and does so in such a way (technically, it binds them in an ionic state) that they can be optimally absorbed by the body and are immediately available for use at the cellular level. This is critical, because if nutrients are not “bio-available” their maximum beneficial effects cannot be utilized. And while sea vegetables form a major source of what is termed “nutraceuticals” necessary for body balance, researchers have also added a land-based plant to the list of substances that aid in body regeneration, cleansing and balancing: aloe vera. Like a cactus, aloe vera is a member of the lily family. An incredible source of vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12 (rare for a vegetable source), C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids, aloe vera is also an excellent source of oxygen.

While we might wish to gain the benefits of these wonderful and nutritious plants from both the sea and land by simply eating them, it is easy to see that it is not really very practical to do so on a regular basis. However, strictly-controlled studies have shown that the introduction of supplements with these ingredients – as the only outside variable – have brought both low and high mineral levels into the proper balance. The same results were found when studying amino acids. Findings such as these cannot be ignored.Various testimonials, particularly among older people, have indicated that these products result in increased energy and endurance, detoxification, health and vitality. Treating the ailments and infirmities of advancing age is a responsibility that we have to ourselves as human beings, and when technology and commerce makes so much available to us so abundantly and affordably, we really have no excuse for not pursuing better health.